28 Days of Dinner


Meal Plan & Grocery Lists


This dinner guide will save you countless hours of headaches and stress.


28 Days of Dinner is four weeks (28 days) of planned out dinners with

clickable links and done-for-you weekly grocery lists that you

can download TODAY and start right now!


Do you feel overwhelmed and stressed about planning your next meal?

Do you spend too much time wandering the isles of the grocery store, overspend and still feel like you have nothing to make for dinner? 

Are you sick and tired of searching the internet for recipes that may or may not turn out well?

28 Days of Dinner

Four weeks (28 days) of planned out dinners & grocery lists. 

I've included my favorite blog recipes that are...⁣⁣

  • Quick and easy - most of these meals can be made in 30 minutes or less. 


  • Tried and true - these recipes are fan favorites and have been tested time and time again.


  • Use pantry staples - recipes use simple everyday ingredients


  • Family friendly - make recipes the whole family will love


A glimpse at the dinner menu.



This Skillet Chicken & Green Bean dish is a quick and healthy recipe that the whole family will love.



The best Turkey Meatloaf on the planet.

This is the meatloaf that changes meatloaf

haters into meatloaf lovers!





An easy and versatile dish made with ground turkey, spices, beans and rice for a delicious weeknight meal.

I finally purchased your 28 days meal plan. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Someone else to take the planning out of it! It was so easy to look at the week 1 grocery list

BY SECTION 👏 👏 👏 and do my pick up list.

A million times thank you!  

Just got your 28 Days of Dinners and it made me cry, I need someone else to think about dinner for a little while.

I've been following your 28 Days of meal plans and my husband, 21 month old and I are all loving it. And the best part is we always have enough for lunch leftovers! Mean plan for the win! So delicious!

I am working my way through 28 Days of Dinners. So far we have loved every recipe and successfully pulled them off without any history in the kitchen! My friends and family are shocked and impressed! 

Started this week with the 28 Days of Dinner... LIFE SAVER! Thank you!!! 


Stop asking yourself the dreaded "what's for dinner"

question because I got you covered!  

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