28 Days of Dinner
Meal Plan

An Easy to Use Clickable Meal Plan with Monthly Calendar,

Weekly Recipes and Easily Digestible Grocery Lists

Your dinner bestie that will make grocery shopping a breeze and cooking dinner a walk in the park

  • Overwhelmed and stressed about planning your next meal?
  • Wandering around the grocery store, searching for and buying a ton of random ingredients, but still feel like you have nothing to make?
  • Staring at your packed fridge, exhausted from decision fatigue and have no idea what to make?

  • Sick and tired of surfing the internet for recipes, just to end up disappointed with the final product?

You need 28 Days of Dinner Everyday Meal Plan!

Imagine being completely organized when it comes to dinner for the next month. 


What would it feel like to have four whole weeks (28 days) of planned out dinners broken down week by week, all the recipes in one place and done-for-you weekly grocery lists?


Do you believe in miracles? If so, keep reading...

You can have all of this TODAY! Let me do the thinking for you!

I finally purchased your 28 days meal plan. This is EXACTLY what I needed. Someone else to take the planning out of it! It was so easy to look at the week 1 grocery list BY SECTION 👏 👏 👏 and do my pick up list.

A million times thank you!  

Raving about 28 days! My husband loves it! He loves that either of us can cook dinner and everything tastes good: ‘I’m so glad you purchased that dishy meal plan, such a great purchase that has saved us far more than it costs.

Tonight I made ground turkey and brown rice bowls and I asked my son (the 18-year-old senior) if he liked it. He said, ‘Surprisingly yes. I feel like I should hate it but I actually like it.’ Made me laugh! We have yet to make a dish from this calendar of recipes that has not been a win! 🙌🏼

Do you find yourself walking around the grocery store, staring into the abyss of empty aisles without a clue what to purchase? 


Do you find yourself making the same meals over and over again or buying random ingredients for a one time recipe that you never use again and end up throwing away? 


You’re not alone. 


Sound familiar?

  • You’re a busy parent and/or working professional

  • You’ve got picky eaters

  • Your schedule is overwhelming enough without tossing in cooking and clean up

  • You’re opting for fast food and take out cuz it feels easier

  • All those random internet recipes you keep finding turn out…. Blah at best


  • It would be nice to have a little variety, right?

  • Those microwave meals got old ten years ago

  • You’re ordering pizza so much the delivery guy knows your name and address BY HEART

Don’t worry, I’ve got the PERFECT solution for you! 

With my 28 Days of Dinner Everyday Meal Plan, you get:

  • Tried and true recipes

  • Meals that take 30 minutes OR LESS

  • A complete four week plan - no more last minute take out orders!

  • Grocery lists - no more wasted time (or money) at the grocery store!


  • You’ll be proud of what you make

  • You’ll have healthy and DELICIOUS meals

  • You get 4 weeks of recipes = worry free meal planning for a whole month!

  • The option to purchase MORE meal plans (I know you’ll want to!) and never be worried about your next meal again

You get...

  • 4 weeks worth of clickable recipes

  • Clear, concise instructions so your finished product always turns out tasty and as expected.

  • Weekly grocery lists so you can walk in, grab what you need, and get the heck out

Over 800 people have purchased and LOVED this meal plan! 

Are you ready for...

  • Better tasting food

  • A healthy variety

  • Dinners that let you ditch the stress

  • Finding JOY in your meals

If you answered “YES!” then this for you!

Just bought your 28 days of dinner and I’m beyond excited! My husband and I are both essential workers working opposite shifts in lieu of no daycare for our 2-year-old. Lately, even being asked, ‘What’s for dinner?’ makes me want to cry. Dinner has been a mess and an afterthought for the past month..I’m so happy to NOT have to think about it 🧡

28 Days of Dinner
Everyday Meal Plan

Four weeks (28 days) of planned out dinners & grocery lists. 

All of these recipes are...

  • Quick and easy - almost everything takes 30 minutes or less. 


  • Tried and true - these recipes are fan-favorites and have been tested time and time again.


  • Use pantry staples - recipes use simple everyday ingredients.


  • Family friendly - make recipes the whole family will love.


Here’s a taste of what’s on the dinner menu.


This Skillet Chicken & Green Bean dish is a quick and healthy recipe that the whole family will love.


This is the meatloaf that changes meatloaf haters into meatloaf lovers.


An easy and versatile dish made with ground turkey, spices, beans and rice for a delicious weeknight meal.


It’s time to stop wondering what to eat and wishing you’d planned ahead -
I’ve got you covered!   

Get 28 Days of Dinner for just $27! Less than $1/day!

You want someone else to take the planning out of dinner, while knowing that you’ll have a delicious meal on the table each night - and no, that is NOT too much to ask! 


I’m speaking from experience here… 


Hi! I’m Laney and I created the 28 Days of Dinner Everyday Meal Plan for people like you and me, to take the decision fatigue out of cooking and put the joy and taste back into your dinnertime!


28 Days of Dinner was born back in early 2020, when no one (myself included) wanted to even think about what was for dinner. With all of us stuck at home, we were forced to cook SO much more than we were used to.


I’m a working mom with school age children- so I GET how stressful it is to need to plan meals ON TOP of work and life... not to mention the amount of extra TIME it takes!


Look, we all need to feed ourselves and our families, but making that decision day after day after day and meal after meal after meal becomes exhausting and often debilitating. 


I made 28 Days of Dinner to relieve that stress and give you some well-deserved rest. 


I purchased 28 Days of Dinner...now what?

I’m only cooking for 1 person, will these recipes still work for me?

Are there alternative ingredients or options if I have a gluten or dairy allergy?

Is this the same meal plan as last year?

Yes! Last year I launched 2 versions. The Everyday edition and a Spring + Summer edition. This Everyday edition was such a hit, I’m bringing it back! However, the format has been updated to be more user friendly and it’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

Are these recipes different than the 28 Days of Dinner Spring + Summer I bought?

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