Busy Home Cooks:

Wanna get rid of kitchen overwhelm and learn how make

simple and delicious meals without being tied to a recipe?

In 8 weeks, learn how to whip up meals on the fly, feel confident in the kitchen and make meals you and your family actually love...without wasting time scrolling the internet for recipe ideas that always flop.




An 8-week online program designed to help home cooks build confidence in the kitchen, cook without being tied to a recipe, and learn life-long foundational cooking techniques.


Maybe you struggle with always making the same dishes over and over

and are afraid to move outside the box and try new things.


You don’t know the cooking basics and often feel tied to a recipe.



Basically, cooking makes you feel...



You don't know how to improvise when something doesn't taste right. You feel lost without guidance and when you open your fridge you can't just whip something up. 


Everything is simply too much. Grocery shopping, prepping, clean up and the disappointment you feel when a meal doesn't turn out like you had hoped.  


You lack imagination and don't know the basics of cooking so you always make the same recipes over and over and not sure how to branch out using new ingredients.


You never know how to tell if something is cooked properly, how long to cook things, and don't know where to begin when you walk into a grocery store. 

What if I told you that in 8 short weeks,

you could feel like a rockstar in the kitchen?

  • What if I told you that after working together you would feel EMPOWERED, CONFIDENT and EAGER to cook delicious, healthy meals for yourself and your family?
  • What if I told you that you would walk away with a supportive community and a new group of virtual friends to cheer you on as you continue along your cooking journey?
  • What if I told you that I would be there, holding your hand every step of the way?

Meredith used to feel anxious and stressed out in the kitchen. She took CWC to help teach her the skills she needed for a lifetime of cooking!

Jill used to hate being in the kitchen. She is now able to whip up simple meals on the fly, (after a 12-13 hour work day) and enjoys the process!

Nicole was tied to using a recipe to cook for her family. She is now able to cook freely and use a recipe as a guide for more freedom in the kitchen. 

What CWC Students Are Saying

"Its been 2 months since taking the first round of CWC. It has been the BEST gift I have ever bought/given to myself. It seriously is the gift that keeps on giving. The lessons, tips, techniques, knife skills & tricks I've learned & am still continuing to learn from Laney personally & all of my alumni students are PRICELESS!

Before CWC, I was a lost soul in the kitchen, filled with anxiety, felt helpless & dreaded thinking about what in the heck was going to cook my fam. Now, I love to plan out weekly dinners, I look forward to grocery Shopping  & I actually get compliments on meals made by ME! Never did I think I would be proud of anything I've cooked, let alone have the capability to make complete meals from scratch & sometimes even without a recipe! My whole outlook changed when it comes to the room in my house I was completely terrified of, "my Kitchen". CWC is not only a game changer...it's a LIFE changer. I can't thank Laney enough for this amazing opportunity and life experience!”





When you cook with confidence and provide delicious, nourishing meals for yourself and your family, it goes so far beyond the kitchen. 


When you are confident in the kitchen you become a more confident parent, spouse, friend, and human. 


When you are confident in the kitchen you give the gift of delicious food, filling people with love. 


When you are confident in the kitchen you simply feel like a badass. 

Cook with Confidence offers far more than just kitchen skills. This program will help you...


Stop eating out and spending thousands of dollars each month on restaurants and meal delivery services.


Start consuming simple food, cleaner ingredients and more flavorful dishes!



Bring your family together around the table and watch your kids grow their interest in food and cooking.


Each week we will move through my three pillars for success. 


Before diving into each week we will assess your situation, see what ingredients and tools you need, then start each week set up for success. Organization is key before you begin.






You will be asked to watch a series of short videos where I will walk you through the weekly lesson and provide cooking demos highlighting the skill or theme of the week. We will also have weekly live Q+A calls to answer your questions, connect with other students, and leave you feeling confident to try these new skills.


Truly the most important piece of the puzzle. You can watch videos all day, but if you don't put the work into action, you'll never improve. I'll be there every step of the way. 






Kitchen Audit

We will cover what kitchen tools and pots and pans I recommend, edit your pantry and review best practices to set up your kitchen and workspace as a stress-free zone.


Knife Skills

You will learn how to choose the right knife for YOU (one size does not fit all), all about knife care and basic knife skills such as how to mince, dice, slice and chop.

WEEK 3: 

Chicken Week

We will dive into all things chicken! We'll go over the different types of chicken you can buy and how to use them. You will learn about the various cooking methods - sauté, roasting and shredding and most importantly, how to make chicken actually taste delicious!

WEEK 4: 

Salad & Veggie Week

Learn my salad building basics as well as the secret ingredient to take your salad from boring to bomb! (Hint: homemade salad dressing) We will also cover the different cooking techniques for vegetables - roasting, sautéing and blanching. You will learn my top tips and tricks for making veggies perfect every time.

WEEK 5: 

Pasta Week

I'll teach you my secrets to cooking perfectly cooked pasta and how to make a delicious homemade sauce that will bring your dinner game to a whole new level.

WEEK 6: 

Fish Week

We will cover the most common types of fish to buy, what to look for when shopping and how to make fish taste flavorful and delicious by roasting, sauteing and steaming.

WEEK 7: 

Steak/Red Meat Week

You will learn the various cuts of meat and best practices for cooking steak perfectly every time.

WEEK 8: 

Soup Week

We will dive into the building blocks of starting a soup, how to season in layers and I will teach you how to make both a pureed and chunky version.


  • Access to a private membership area where you’ll have all program info in one place - and you're in it for a lifetime which means access to any and all future updates


  • Access to a private slack channel for daily support

  • Weekly live video Q&A call where you can freely ask me questions and connect with other students (all calls will be saved for later viewing if you can’t attend) 


  • Weekly recipes to add variety and new dishes to your routine

  • Weekly grocery lists so you know exactly what you need 

  • Weekly kitchen tools list so you can come prepared for every lesson


  • Basic Must-Have Pantry List

  • Chicken Cheat Sheet

  • Salad Builder Cheat Sheet

  • Roasting Veggies Cheat Sheet

  • Basic Sauce Builder Cheat Sheet

  • Basic Red Meat Cheat Sheets​


Hey, I'm Laney - former elementary school teacher turned mom turned food blogger. Teaching has always been my first passion and now I get to bring my two favorite things together. TEACHING + FOOD! My main mission in life is to help give people the confidence they need to cook delicious food for themselves and their loved ones.


Confidence isn't something that happens overnight. Like any skill, it takes practice and it absolutely is something you can get better at. I believe there are no stupid questions, as this program is a safe space for us all to learn, make mistakes, and support one another. I care tremendously about the success of my students and I cannot wait to get in the virtual classroom with you!!

What CWC Students Are Saying

You truly have helped me overcome my anxiety and perfectionist tendencies when it comes to being in the kitchen. You constantly show me that cooking should be fun, that it doesn't have to be hard and good food doesn't have to be complicated. I signed up for this class because I trusted you and I knew you would leave me better than when you found me! And I was right! I'm proud of myself for taking a chance on this class because it was truly a great experience.



    You know you’re more than capable and have the skills to make a delicious meal from start to finish.


    You are well-equipped when you walk into your kitchen to make a meal for yourself or your family.


    Get rid of the dread, overwhelm and anxiety that comes with cooking and feel excited to create.


    You are ready to try new things and push outside of your comfort zone without the fear of messing up.


    You understand that your skills will continue to improve the more you practice and enjoy the process.


    I was part of original Cook With Confidence class that ended two months ago, and I am still so excited about cooking! Before the class, I was so scared of making mistakes that I just ate the same (mostly boring) meals over and over. Now that I have learned more skills in the kitchen, my confidence is higher and that fear has pretty much disappeared! I'm trying so many new recipes, and I'm even coming up with delicious concoctions on my own with what I have in my kitchen. I'm making healthier choices, and I've never eaten so many delicious salads in my life! Laney, you went above and beyond what I thought I would get out of this class. Cook With Confidence was life changing for me. Thank you!



    I signed up for CWC because I was in a cooking rut. I mainly signed up for the chicken week, and I wasn't sure whether I would learn much (or needed to learn much) about salads, veggies, or pasta, but It turns out   - you can always learn more! some of my favorite things I took away from the course were from the salad and pasta classes. Laney was a wealthy of knowledge, and an effective teacher. I learned so much: the best way to cut an avocado, the secret to presenting salads, the magic of lemon, and how to use lots of fun cooking tools, but the best thing I took away from the course was a renewed excitement of getting back in the kitchen with a fresh eye, and having the confidence to try new things. While I thought I was a confident cook when I started this course, I quickly realized that I was only confident in my comfort zone. 


    What will the schedule look like each week?

    Is there a special list of supplies I need? Knives, Instant Pot, Slow Cooker, etc...

    What is the weekly commitment like? 

    If you are ready to feel confident in your

    cooking skills in the next 8 weeks...

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